Homosexual penguin couple steal an egg to become dads

A couple of gay penguins were ‘hunted’ stealing an egg from another heterosexual couple at the DierenPark Amersfoort Zoo in the Netherlands, as reported by Out.com. According to this medium, the couple intended to become parents with the stolen egg.

“The gay couple takes good care of the egg and takes turns keeping it warm,” said the caretaker of the Zoo Marc Belt.

“Homosexuality is quite common in penguins, but what makes this couple remarkable is that they have seized an egg,” he said of the events.

The zoo says the gay couple stole the egg from a straight couple during an “unguarded moment.” After finding that they had lost their young, the heterosexual penguins produced another egg.

Homosexuality is quite common in penguins

The breeding season is currently in full swing and the zoo has already welcomed the first penguin chick of the season. They hope that the gay couple’s egg will also hatch, but they are still not sure that the egg has been properly fertilized.

Same-sex mating seems to be quite common among penguins and in the animal kingdom in general. There have been several cases of same-sex couples adopting eggs in zoos, but they are generally provided by zookeepers rather than stolen by the animals themselves.

So it happened in Sydney last year, when after observing the behavior of a couple of these animals, the zoo decided to provide them with an egg to fulfill their dream: to be parents.

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