Holgado, Zaccone and Van Den Goorberg, the fastest in qualifying

After two intense days of free practice, which helped the teams finish finishing their bikes, this Friday the riders competed for the first time on the track of the Alcanizano circuit.

Daniel Holgado in Moto3 ™, Alessandro Zaccone in Moto2 ™, and Zonta Van Den Goorbergh in Hawkers European Talent Cup, have been the riders who have won the poles of their respective categories, after holding the two qualifying sessions.

Moto2 ™

Alessandro Zaccone set the best time in his category. The Italian rider was the fastest (1: 55: 072), followed by Keminth Kubo (+0.077) and Niki Tuuli (+0.243)

In the second round, Yari Montella registered the best time (2: 15: 134), followed by Xavier Cardelús (+0.787) and Alejandro Medina (+3.067). Tomorrow the first row of the grid will be made up of Zaccone, Kubo and Tuuli.

Moto3 ™

In Moto3 ™ Daniel Holgado was the best in the first qualifying round, with a time of 2:16:20, followed by José García (+0.090) and Pedro Acosta (+0.104). The second session was also dominated by Spanish riders. David Salvador set the fastest time (2: 18: 425), followed by Daniel Muñoz (+0.861) and Xavier Artigas (+0.936).

As a result of these times, Daniel Holgado, José García and Pedro Acosta will make up the first row of the grid.

Saturday schedule

This Saturday the day will begin at 9:00 am, with the celebration of the Warm Up of each category; The first to hit the track will be the European Talent Cup riders, followed by Moto2 ™, Moto3 ™ and Cuna de Campeones.

Then, the races of each category will be held: at 11:00 the first of the European Talent Cup, at 12:00 Moto2 ™, at 13:00 the Moto3 ™, at 14:00 the second of the European Talent Cup and the Cuna de Campeones will close the day at 3:00 p.m.