Hjulmand: ‘You have to take advantage of the pressure from England’

Denmark coach Kasper Hjulmand declared this Tuesday at a press conference that his team has to “take advantage” of the pressure felt by England, their next rival in the Eurocup semifinals and favorite to reach the final.

The coach of the Scandinavian team pointed out that one of the weapons his men will have will be to play with the history of England, which in the last 30 years has lost all the semifinals it has played.

“We have to take advantage of the pressure England is feeling. We will see an even game. It is not that one team is going to dominate another. We can create pressure on the contrary if we work with great intensity ”, he declared.

In addition, Hjulmand said he was “excited” that Denmark made it to the semi-finals, and acknowledged that the support he is receiving from all over his country gives a lot of “motivation” to his team.

“We are facing a difficult team. We face the game with great enthusiasm. We will do everything we can. It will be difficult for England to beat us. I’m not nervous, just excited. We are very confident and calm. We are looking forward to the game, “he said.

For Hjulmand, it is better to play against high-level teams because that is what makes his team “grow”. For Denmark, he assured, it will be “a great challenge” to reach the final of the European Championship.

“Our mentality is not that of being inferior. We will try to be active and play with courage. We will play on a great stage ”, he said.

In daily contact with Eriksen

He also indicated that he is in daily contact with Christian Eriksen, who missed the entire European Championship except for one section of Denmark’s opening match due to a heart problem. “He is with us and we play with him,” he said.

In addition, he made it clear that matches are not won by “specialists” and insisted that Denmark’s mentality is “strong” and indicated that they believe in themselves.

“We respect our rival, who is a great team with fantastic players with a lot of talent. The support we received from our country encouraged our players to keep going. We want to return the support we receive. As a coach I don’t need to do much, I just have to remind the guys to push the button to start the game. They already know what they have to do ”, he concluded.