Hjulmand: ‘I told my players we would go back to Wembley’

Kasper hjulmand, selector of Denmark, described this Saturday at a press conference as “magical” the classification of his team for the semifinals of the Eurocup after winning 1-2 at Czech Republic in an even duel.

The Scandinavian team coach was proud of the work of his players and the championship that Denmark has completed up to the semi-finals. In order to Hjulmand, your selection has fulfilled a dream.

“It’s magical. The first thing I showed the boys when we got together was a picture of Wembley from when we were there in the fall. I told them we were coming back. Today, thanks to our fans, it was like playing in a Danish stadium again. We are deeply grateful, “he commented.

In addition, he recognized that the meeting before the Czech Republic It was not “pretty” and said that after ninety minutes “the batteries are almost flat”.

“Reaching a semi-final is huge. We played very well. We started the second half with more difficulties. We had a lot of space but we couldn’t connect many passes. We had games in which we won easier than today. I’m very proud to be in the semi-finals. with the team. All the credit goes to the players, “he explained.

He also reminded Christian
Eriksen and said that his incident in the first match against Finland made everyone remember the values ​​that football brings. As an example, he gave that of his companions when they surrounded Eriksen when he was on the grass so that the cameras wouldn’t catch him. “Every day I have thought about Eriksen. He is part of the team, which showed everyone how to act: with love and compassion, “he concluded.