Hjulmand: ‘I don’t want to talk about 1992 anymore’

Hjulmand, selector of Denmark, he assured this Sunday at a press conference that he does not want to “talk more” about the Danish team that won the Eurocup
in Sweden in 1992 after attending as a guest after the absence of Yugoslavia because of the war.

The coach of the Scandinavian team does not want to make comparisons between his team and the one that achieved 29 years ago the greatest success in the history of Denmark. In his opinion, it is better to focus on today and look to the future.

“I don’t want to talk about 1992 any more. They were different times, the Eurocup was different and football was different. We want to make our own history. We try to inspire and unite our country,” he said.

We want to make our own story

Questioned by his next opponent in the semifinals, England, indicated that he does not expect many surprises in the box of Gareth
Southgate because, he assured, “at this level” he does not believe that there is much room to observe new details of his opponent.

“I don’t think England will surprise us and I think we won’t surprise England,” he said.

Asked if his team is prepared to play in front of thousands of English fans in Wembley, was blunt: “Of course. We are happy that the fans are back on the fields, but I would like to have Danish fans. Going to Wembley is motivating. It will be difficult.”

Finally, he noted that he does not believe in the “law of compensation” after Denmark’s bumpy start with the heart problem of Christian
Eriksen and the two defeats in a row against Finland Y Belgium.

“I believe in the character of my team and in the love and compassion they are receiving from my fans, who give us wings. We are playing with the heart of Eriksen. We believe strongly in ourselves and we will fight,” he concluded.

We are playing with the heart of Eriksen