Historic achievement of Rapinoe and the world champions!

Rapinoe and the entire national team of state
United has made history: a Loa Angeles judge has approved the agreement between the world champions and their federation on their working conditions, which will be the same as those of their colleagues, although not because of equal pay and they have already announced that they will appeal .

District Judge Gary Klausner approved an agreement reached in December between the Federation and the players, which grants the women’s team the same treatment as the men’s, in terms of flight conditions, hotels, choice of sites and supervisory personnel, among others. . “I think we have taken a first step for women in sport,” said team leader Megan Rapinoe, who is in Le Havre for a friendly against France on Tuesday.

However, the issue of wage inequalities remains pending. “We intend to appeal the court ruling on wage inequality, which ignores the fact that female players receive lower wages than men for the same work,” added Federation spokeswoman Molly Levinson.

Megan Rapinoe spoke about equal pay in the White House, weeks ago

The Americans, winners of the last two World Cups in 2015 and 2019, requested more than $ 66 million in damages. However, the Federation said it hoped to reach an agreement on this point, insisting that it was “100% committed to the issue of equal pay.”

“We offered the women’s team the same compensation that we provide to our players for all matches managed by the Federation,” said the body. “Unfortunately, they did not accept our offer to meet and try to find a solution. They made it a condition that we first agree to close the gap between the men’s and women’s World Cup winnings, which are controlled and paid for by FIFA. Our invitation still stands and we hope that the women’s team will accept it very soon ”.