His students buy and return the car that had to be sold for not making ends meet

Sometimes there are stories that allow us to continue believing in the human being. This is one of those that goes around the world and reaches the hearts of all who read it. This specifically happened in Curitiba, Brazil. The protagonist is none other than Marcelo siqueira, an 87-year-old former teacher who is known in his area for nearly five decades driving the same car: a 1972 Volkswagen Beetle, popularly known as the ‘beetle’.

The crisis of coronavirus it has affected many people around the world. So much so that many have had to make efforts to move forward. One of these victims has been Siqueira, this famous former teacher, who had to put his precious vehicle up for sale in order to survive.

A group of students recovers their teacher’s car

His former students found out about the situation the teacher was going through and decided to raise the money to be the ones who would buy the beetle of his former teacher and thus, can give it back.

RPC, a local media, recorded how it was the moment of delivery. Through tears, the teacher could not contain his excitement after seeing what his former students have done for him.