Hierro: ‘Sergio Ramos has to continue, he is the best player in LaLiga’

Whoever was a player of the Real
Madrid between the 90s and the 2000s, Fernando Hierro, gave an interview on the sports information portal Goal.com to review all the news in Madridista key.

At the gates of the semifinal of Champions and immersed in the final stretch of the League, Hierro is confident of getting the double. “The double? Why not? The key will be to get into the final of the Champions. You will have a little more time to recover. Maintaining continuity from Sunday to Wednesday is difficult, but now we are in the final stretch ”, commented Hierro.

In addition, the Malaga defender was also asked why the one that many have assured was his successor at Real Madrid: Sergio
Bouquets. Regarding the Madrid captain and his renewal, the former defender had no doubts: “He is the best player in The league. As a Madrid player and as captain of the national team he contributes a lot. He has a leadership that is very necessary in any team. And this is a very special year for him. He is a boy who transmits a lot and all good. It is exemplary. And he will be a very important player in the next Eurocup. Its renewal? I would like it to continue. For all that it is and what it represents. And that he finished his sporting career here ”.

Finally, he was also asked about Zidane, with which he shared a dressing room and won, among other titles, the Ninth. “Zidane he is a coach who knows when and where he has to be. He has won two Leagues and three Champions. He knows what the possibilities of his team are and he makes the most of them. He never makes high-sounding statements. Take the pressure of not winning two games. It fits wonderfully into the Real
Madrid. He is the coach that the club needs ”, declared Hierro.