Hidalgo: ‘If you work and believe in the end, good things will come’

The Sabadell coach, Antonio Hidalgo, was happy after beating Rayo Vallecano, stating that “we have to savor the victory and how difficult it is to win in this category.”

Then he was cautious. “It is a very important victory, but with 40 points we will not save ourselves. You have to transmit serenity in victory. Now we have the reward in two victories against two great rivals like Mallorca and Rayo in which we have defended very well. We have not done anything. We will continue to suffer until the last day and until the last second ”.

He praised his team: “Emotionally it strengthens my players. They knew they would be capable. I believe a lot in my players. They are very long-suffering and those who have been here for a long time feel the team as theirs and those who have arrived this season also ”.

Regarding the scorers, he commented: “Adri Cuevas is having more prominence and if he contributes a much better goal”, and about Edgar Hernández, “he is a friend of mine, I agreed with him as a player and later as a coach. He gives us experience and this goal is a small reward for all the work he does ”.

Finally he affirmed. “If you work, if you believe, in the end good things come and that is what we have to continue doing in Oviedo”.