Heroes bring the most desired Cup

The sixth title in history and the first in 34 years it has fulfilled the primary objectives of the Real. Beyond this season. Winning the final was understood within the club as the success that marks an era and as such the triumph has been welcomed by Athletic. Happiness brought an extraordinary glow to the eyes of an exultant expedition returning from a new promised land like Seville.

For the RealIt was the game that had to be won, however it was. The victory in the final had achieved the necessary ascendancy on the way to endow the project with a prestigious capital notoriety to establish a glorious era in the entity. The root of happy times was cultivated in The Cartuja and the thunder of triumph was evident in a celebration that lasted Saturday night in Seville. As the canons send.

The noble floor of the Real, its top managers, are delighted with the reappearance on the map of the titles. The main reason is that they absolutely believed that it was time. Due to the size of an ambitious project; by the exclusive nature of the occasion; because, in short, three and a half decades without being champions were becoming eternal.

Heroes in silence

Happiness was absolute, full, in the procession that took off in Seville late with respect to the scheduled time and landed in Gipuzkoa at noon. La Real brought the most desired Cup ‘on penalties’, a long hour later than the stipulated program. Logical issues for the sweetness of the hangover. The faces shared enormous satisfaction with the dark circles of exhaustion. Only a few dared to raise their fists, as a sign of conquest: Moya, Aihen, Zaldua, Zubeldia… They took care of collecting the Cup together Illarramendi and Oyarzabal. One captain from each handhold. It is not going to be that it was lost. Imanol continued to give off sympathy and, at the head of all, the president Jokin
Aperribay He declared himself excited with the achievement of the Cup.

Silence reigned in Hondarribia. The measures decreed to safeguard security in the midst of the pandemic decaffeinated a welcome to the champions that in a conventional social situation would have been tremendous at the airport gate. The press and those close to the travelers were the only witnesses. The Hondarribia facility was cordoned off at all corners. In order to avoid crowds, the followers had prohibited access to the airport.

The first to set foot on the ground were managers, guests and sponsors. “Whoops!” He yelled Lopez
Ufarte, delighted to pass on a historical legacy.