“He will no longer make a vicious face when asking about sexual preferences, or about whether they sleep naked”

Twitter has been testimony on Wednesday morning of the brutal attack by Willy Toledo vs. Pablo Motos. In recent days, the popular presenter of ‘El Hormiguero’ has not hesitated to attack the Pedro Sánchez government harshly for its management of the crisis in the coronavirus.

Motorcycles He assured in full direct that “the pride of Pedro Sánchez again prevents him from saying that they have screwed up and that the masks have to be mandatory”, adding harshly that “his pride prevents him from saying that it is compulsory, that they screwed it up, and that the mask obviously has to be worn by everyone “.

These words did not fall on deaf ears and this morning he saw how they turned against him in the form of attacks. Willy Toledo took advantage of an ironic question from Roberto Enriquez on Twitter about if Pablo Motorcycles had gone to the control session of the government to throw harsh words against him: “He is no longer going to make a vicious face while asking the deputies about their sexual preferences, or the color of their underwear, or if they sleep naked or in pajamas or na. Nor has he brought Abascal a coffee with pastitas. A lazy one, the motorcycles ”.

As if that were not enough, the popular actor returned to the charge answering another user on the famous social network who, jokingly, stated that “he is sewing masks.” The response of Willy, in this case, it was another attack on the driver of ‘The Anthill’:“ To put them on himself and not get infected with murderous socio-communism just in case he has to interview / question Iglesias. ”

Pablo Motos, in ‘El Hormiguero’

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