He sells a sofa for 400 euros and later discovers that it cost more than 16,000 euros

When you sell or buy online Through the many existing applications such as Wallapop, you have to make sure what the real value of the object is. Normally the user investigates on the Internet what is the current price to later define the appropriate amount based on the state of the product that we want to undo.

Well, it seems that TikTok user Jules Schreiner didn’t pay much attention to the ‘research’ part. The woman put up for sale for $ 500 (a little more than 400 euros) a sofa that I had previously obtained for free. He sold it quickly, as a buyer quickly became interested in the item and paid the stated price.

However, later Schreiner realized that the sofa in question was actually a design piece by Vladimir Kagan, a renowned American furniture designer. And is that a very similar specimen sold for $ 20,000 (more than 16,000 euros).

“I thought I had gotten a great deal on the market, but you know things are always too good to be true,” the young woman said in a video.