He has an accident, is left for dead … and ends up waking up inside a mortuary bag!

There are incredible stories. And Raimundo Nonato Santana’s is. East 71-year-old Brazilian citizen was pronounced dead on June 29 after suffering a motorcycle accident, but miraculously breathed again when he was already inside a mortuary bag.

Raimundo, a street food vendor, began to feel ill while riding his motorcycle and soon collapsed on the road. At that same moment, several witnesses rushed to call the police and emergency services to attend to the 71-year-old man as soon as possible.

Two ambulances from the Emergency Medical Care Service (SAMU) showed up at the scene. Health workers they tried to revive him but finding no answer, the same they certified his death.

They later put the lifeless body in the burial bag, but what happened a while later was amazing. While the agents waited for the transfer of the body to be authorized, the bag where Raimundo was found began to move.

Seeing the bag move, they quickly opened the bag to begin resuscitation. “When I arrived, the bag was closed. He was taking photos and a policeman noticed that the bag was moving. They opened and I saw that there was a bubble of air coming out of the corner of the mouth. I massaged him for ten minutes, ”journalist Geovanni Pereira told local media.