Hazard’s market value continues to free fall

The latest update of the market value of Real Madrid players carried out by the specialized website transfermarkt reduces to 40 million of euros the value of Eden Hazard, bought at the time by the white team from Chelsea for 160 million euros, according to what various Belgian media revealed at the time.

The unstoppable fall of the international price since his arrival at the Bernabéu has led him to land at Real Madrid in June 2019 with a price of 150 million to have one, today, of 40. Almost a quarter part than that of less than two years ago.

Hazard, weighed down by physical problems since his arrival at Real Madrid

The evolution of the market value of the Belgian has passed the following phases: 150 ‘kilos’ as of June 13, 2019; 120 on December 20 of that same year; 100 on March 5, 2020; 80 on April 8, 2020; 60 on October 8, 2020; fifty last January 5 and 40 as of today, 10 less than in the previous assessment.

Vinicius and Eder Militao also lose 10 ‘kilos’ in price, Mendy increases it by 10 and Casemiro and Lucas Vázquez, by 5

He is not the only white footballer whose price plummets. They have also lost 10 million in their value footballers like Vinicius (for a price of 40 ‘kilos’), or Eder, which is priced at 30. Framework
Asensio He is the player who completes the “deficit” poker, leaving 5 million on the road and setting his price at 35.

Courtois (75 million euros) is the footballer with the best price of the white squad

At the other end of the scale Mendy, secured in ownership, win 10 million in its price, going to 50, while Casemiro and Luke They also gain 5 ‘kilos’, going to a valuation of 70 for the Brazilian and 15 for the Galician.

Courtois is the footballer of the Madrid squad with the highest market valuation: according to the transfermarkt, this amounts to 75 million of euros.