Hazard’s curious hobby on his travels with the team

Despite being a player of the Real Madrid there is little data on the private life of Hazard that are known. To his wife, NatashaHe met her at school when they were only fourteen and when they turned 18 they went to live together. And although she always accompanies her husband in each of his projects, she does so away from the media spotlight.

Natacha van Honacker is Eden Hazard’s wife

Now, in addition, we have discovered that the Belgian is a great fan of watching manga series. And more specifically to ‘Naruto’, the story of a teenage ninja who aspires to become the leader of his village. A strange hobby that serves to liven up the trips with the team.

But this is not the only curious fact in the life of Eden. In the beginning, the attacker of the Real Madrid After being substituted in a match against Turkey in 2011, he left the stadium early to eat a hamburger with his parents.

Furthermore, his first expulsion as a professional player two years later was for kicking one of the ball boys! Apparently, the young man was the son of the owner of the rival club and had been purposely despairing the footballer during the match.

As if all this were not enough, we have to tell you that Hazard He doesn’t just live off football as a player. He is also a team owner, the NISA San Diego 1904 FC of the American league.