Hazard, with a basketball injury

Eden Hazard It seems that he has already left behind his continuous injuries that it seems that all of them started from his ankle injury. The Belgian underwent surgery on March 5, 2020 by Dr. Eugene Curry to fix the fracture in the distal fibula suffered in the match against Levante.

The Athletic offers details about how the last intervention was. This media assures that the doctors of Real Madrid and the Belgian team observed Hazard’s tendency to turn on his ankle, as if he were a basketball player, and that is why they chose the doctor Curry, that already operated on Dirk nowitzki and other Dallas Mavericks stars.

This operation seems not to completely solve his problems and, according to The Athletic, the player is concerned about whether it was the best solution. Hazard He worked hard in his recovery process both in Belgium and in Madrid, strengthening his legs and his strength to reach his best form. Also working overtime at home, according to The Athletic.