‘Hazard is not a player for Madrid but for Barça’

Bico, former representative of Eden
Hazard, has stated in an interview with the Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure that the midfielder was wrong at the time when he signed for Real Madrid and that his ideal destination would have been FC Barcelona.

“Was a error sign for Madrid at that time ”, Bico assured, in statements reproduced by the newspaper AS. “It was his choice, which he made with his heart but without reason: he should never have gone to Real Madrid the year Cristiano Ronaldo leftIt was like climbing the Himalayas with bare hands ”, he graphically underlines.

He was wrong to sign for Madrid the same year that Cristiano Ronaldo left

Regarding the wisdom of choosing the Bernabéu as a destination, Bico is forceful: “Eden is not a player for Madrid, but for Barça. Madrid has a game with a lot of physical demand in terms of pace and intensity. At Barça the ball runs faster than the players, unlike Madrid, where the project does not match their appearance ”.

We must stop talking to him as if he were 12 years old, stop infantilizing him, face his responsibilities

And he adds: “At Barça he would have had a great time, he would have had more freedom on the pitch, with the ball constantly at his feet, and he would have become The best player in the world”.

Bico also stressed that “Hazard must be stop talking to him like he’s 12s and make you face your responsibility. People are sweet to Eden, even Roberto Martínez (Belgian national coach): when he talks about him it seems that he is talking about the Virgin Mary. You have to make him face his responsibilities, stop infantilizing him, he needs a challenge ”.