Hazard and Courtois, night and day at Real Madrid

As is customary every time clubs give up their players to national teams, friction between the two entities comes to light sooner or later. Generally it is usually due to an injury that the player suffers during his stay with the national team (known as Virus FIFA) but, in the specific case of Hazard and Real Madrid, it is diametrically the opposite.

And is that the Belgian despite leaving with the Reds Devils after receiving the call from Roberto Martínez, has not even played a single minute in the matches against Denmark and Iceland corresponding to the UEFA Nations League.

Eden Hazard

Something that has ‘pissed’ the Whites since, during the preseason week, they lost their star player at a time, in addition, in which the footballer himself was not in perfect condition to play a football match. Hazard continues to have problems with his battered ankle and, given the evidence, he seems not as comfortable as to play without any problems.

Even the Belgian coach himself made it clear in his press conference prior to the last game against Iceland: “He is medically perfect, it’s just a matter of being very careful with his introduction. He is not in top form yet and has not been able to train in a group at his club. We are going to be very careful and we are not going to take any risks ”.

For its part, Real Madrid expects to receive him in Valdebebas in the next few days to rejoin work with the group ahead of the league debut. A premiere for which the ‘7’ is a doubt thus putting part of Real Madrid -as it is vulgarly said- with the fly behind the ear since they see that a footballer who has cost the club such an amount of money, still does not give the desired fruits in what is already the second season as a white player.

Courtois, the opposite example

If on the one hand Real Madrid are upset with Hazard’s attitude, Courtois’ performance has been very well received by the whites. And is that the Belgian goalkeeper gave up leaving with his team to start the preseason with Real Madrid from the beginning.


Currently, in addition, he accumulates some typical physical problem of the first days of returning to work that he hopes will not prevent him from starting to defend his Zamora from the first season. To do this, the goalkeeper is working on the sidelines of his teammates whom he hopes to be able to join in the coming days.