Harsh criticism of Suso for his unfortunate comment on Àlex Casademunt

The singer Àlex Casademunt
passed away last Tuesday March 2nd to the 39 years of age after suffering a traffic accident. The news caused a wave of consternation both in the world of music and in social networks in general, where many fans of ‘Operation Triumph 2001‘, A program in which the young man made himself known, lamented his sudden loss.

As expected, the death of the artist was also widely commented on different television programs. In the case of ‘Live life’, The space featured this weekend with the singer Veronica Romero, Casademunt’s partner during the first edition of the musical ‘talent’. However, the words that the artist dedicated to her former partner were not the only thing that emerged from her visit. And is that Suso Alvarez He launched a question to the guest that did not go unnoticed and that has unleashed a shower of criticism towards the collaborator.

The singer Verónica Romero, this weekend in ‘Viva la vida’.

Suso Álvarez: “The information I have is that you had divided”

It happened when, at a certain point in the interview, it was commented that the ‘former triumphs’ have a chat in the WhatsApp application. It was then that Álvarez wanted to know more, something that did not sit well with the audience. “A lot of people from that group had left, right? I am very happy that everyone has gone to say goodbye to Àlex, but the information I have is that you had divided”, Said the collaborator to Romero. “Yes, but I do not want to talk about that, really we have all been partners,” replied the guest.

Álvarez’s intervention was reproached on the spot by the presenter of ‘Viva la vida’, Emma garcia. “This is not the time to talk about it”, He said bluntly. “We are talking about 20 years ago, in which each one makes his life and you return, enter and leave. The beautiful thing, despite this tragic death, is that they have been united“Added the communicator.

Suso Álvarez, this weekend in 'Viva la vida'.
Suso Álvarez, this weekend in ‘Viva la vida’.

Criticism in the networks: “The Suso thing did not proceed”

The viewers of ‘Viva la vida’ did not take long to comment on the networks about what happened on the set and the opinion was unanimous. “The Suso thing did not proceed“,”today I did not touch that question“,”it could not be more inopportune“Or” Suso is despicable “were some of the comments posted by Internet users on Twitter.