Harry never doubted Kane

Much was said about Kane at the beginning of this Eurocup. What if he didn’t score, what if he hadn’t just adapted to the England game, what if it wasn’t the same as always: “People change their minds quickly. The mood of a footballer cannot depend on that outside noise, “said the Tottenham striker last week. He did not have doubts, even though he lacked skill in the first phase. After the goal against Germany, yesterday in Rome he scored another two against Ukraine.

Kane it has not been abandoned. He looks happy, relieved to embellish a job that seems to take a back seat if there is no payoff head-to-head. A vision as reductionist as it is unfair for a footballer who contributes with many other things: “There is a certain glamor in relation to the position of forward and they earn more money than the rest, but it is also accompanied by a huge expectation and as a coach I have to empathize with people What Kane”, He explained Southgate.

The coach did not consider removing him from the title because England does not have another like him. Shrewd on and off the pitch, he remembered his records at the 2018 World Cup: “In Russia I started at a high level, although then maybe I didn’t have my best performances in the quarterfinals and the semi-finals. It’s about reaching the top at the right time, “he reflected. Kane by way of comparison with this European Championship where he reaches the final stage with soaring confidence.