‘Harry Kane would be the perfect replacement for Benzema at Real Madrid’

Cesc Fabregas it is very clear that Benzemto leave Real Madrid, his ideal replacement would be Harry Kane, Tottenham’s English striker. “For a long time I have felt that Harry Kane would be the perfect substitute for Karim Benzema at Real Madrid ”, Cesc assured in a column in The Telegraph.

The Monaco player praised Benzema saying that “Benzema showed in the Euro Cup that he is playing very, very well, but the fact that I think that Kane He is able to replace him in Madrid shows how well I value him. The pressure in Madrid, as in Barcelona, ​​is not something that all players can face. But yes Benzema tolf he ever left or ever started to slow down a bit, then Kane would be the right guy for them. “

Cesc added about Kane that “without knowing him very well, you can see that he has a good mentality and you listen to other people who work and train hard. Jose Mourinho He always speaks very, very highly of Kane (…) Kane is one of the best strikers in the world ”, he declared.