Hamilton: ‘This year the battle will be tighter’

After the problems that Mercedes said that he suffered in the tests regarding the balance of his car, for which the team and Hamilton assured that Red bull would be a favorite in el Bahrain GP F1 2021 of this weekend, the Briton begins to uncover his letters. Everybody knew that those of BrackleyDespite their regrets, they would arrive ready to win again at this track. It remains to be confirmed on the track, but for now, a change in the speech of Lewis hamilton, judging by his words at the official press conference of the FIA in Bahrain of this Thursday.

“I think we are in the best possible condition considering that we only had three days of testing. We have analyzed and classified the data in the best way. I come here with optimism “, said the Englishman, who despite this, expects Red Bull to be a tough rival for the title this year. “The threat? It is unknown, but it will be a closer battle “He commented, before highlighting the enormous work done by the Mercedes team to find solutions to the supposed setbacks they suffered in the tests.

“We tried to understand the problems, everyone here worked 24 hours a day to correct the problems that exist with each new car and also on the regulation. It will be difficult to bring it to the level we want ”He added regarding his car, raising further doubts. And from there, the Briton again brought out his most vindictive side through his speech.

“I struggled a lot, but there were extreme conditions in the tests, which compromised the laps and therefore the understanding. We want more performance, both in chassis and power unit. The team has worked hard to understand what happened and we hope we recovered this weekend. But we will understand it over the weekend. I know the team has done everything possible, but the season is long and there is no need to worry, “said Valtteri Bottas, in the run-up to the 2021 F1 Bahrain GP.

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Hamilton, vindictive from the start

“What three wishes would you ask of a genius?” To be honest, I am lucky to have pretty much everything I want. I don’t want to be heavy, but I would ask for the same rights for everyone. No one should be hungry. Save the world. Cure him “he commented.

“2020 was tough for me, but we learned a lot about the things that happen in the world. It gave me great responsibility and energy not to remain silent as some would like. Kneeling was a sign of closeness against discrimination. This gesture can lead children and their parents to understand why we do it, what is behind it. And it may be the right time to do it ”, He added about his constant vindication of last year, becoming a global icon of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

In that sense, he also referred to the extra work that F1 should do to improve the situation in some countries that the ‘Great Circus’ visits, such as Bahrain or Saudi Arabia. For Lewis, it is not worth just taking the Grand Prix to these countries.

“I am not the one who chooses where we are going to run, but if I reflect on the position we have, I believe that the question of human rights is something that goes beyond the political question. I do not know if it is the responsibility of F1, but it is not enough to go to certain countries, race and that’s it. “, he concluded.

Lewis Hamilton at the 2021 F1 Bahrain GP