Hamilton and Carey respond to Ecclestone’s racist comments

Lewis Hamilton has condemned the Bernie Ecclestone’s “ignorant” comments on racism. The former Formula 1 president declared for an interview with CNN that “in many cases, blacks are more racist than whites.”

Hamilton has pointed out in recent hours thatEcclestone’s comments seem “Ignorant and rude” and the clear demonstration of why racism is widespread. “Now I understand why nothing has been done to make our sport more diverse. and why I have never been publicly defended when I have been the subject of racist comments throughout my career, ”said Hamilton. “Yes the person who has led our sport for decades has this lack of understanding of the problemHow are we going to expect the people who work under him to understand this? ”Added the Briton.

Yes, the new president of Formula 1 has come out to the comments of Ecclestone, Chase Carey. “In an age when we need to eliminate racism and inequality, we want to show our complete disagreement with Bernie Ecclestone’s comments, that have no place neither in Formula 1 nor in society ”, he pointed out.