Gwyneth Paltrow exhausts her new quirk ‘to ease boredom’ in a week

The american Gwyneth paltrow he never ceases to amaze with his new and original ideas. The 48-year-old Oscar-winning actress has just launched a new item that has been sold out in just a week and that, she explains, will serve to “relieve boredom.”

The truth is that it has been a resounding success. The star of films like “Shakespeare in love” or “Blind love” has wanted to surprise her followers with a new dildo that, apparently, is being a tremendous sales success.

The coveted item has been put on sale for $ 95 (around € 80). It is a double function vibrator-dildo. “It’s the ultimate intimate massager – one end has a wonderful rumbling spherical finish with a variety of vibrations for external stimulation. On the other hand, the thin and flexible end provides a powerful and precise oscillation for internal or clitoral stimulation ”, reads the description.

“I needed to kill time” said Paltrow on social networks about this “beauty for the nightstand”, which in addition to taking care of its aesthetics (pink and white with gold details) have designed with a velvety and silky touch and resistant to water to “play in the shower.”

This “relief from boredom” has caused Gwyneth Paltrow herself to Photoshop herself in one of the images from the Oscar gala where she won the Best Actress award in 1999 by replacing the statuette with one of her new stimulators. “I anticipate that I also know how to make memes, guys,” he wrote with great irony.