Gwent police investigate racist message against Welsh player Ashton Hewitt

Gwent Police in Wales reported that they are investigating a racist post on social media against the wing of the Newport Gwent Dragons Ashton Hewitt after their 20-3 loss to the Scarlets in the professional rugby league Pro14 to 15.

“This is what a rugby fan somewhere (I think Wales) wants me to see after a match. Please, someone find out and tell me who it is, “he tweeted Hewitt responding to the racist message.

The Welsh team said they were “disgusted” by the “loathsome” racist message against their black player and had reported the matter to the police.

“Officials are investigating and have spoken with the player and the club,” said the chief superintendent. Tom harding it’s a statement. “The Gwent Police take any accusations of racism and discrimination very seriously. There is no place for hate crimes in Gwent. We are committed to ensuring that our communities are safe and welcoming places for all, ”he added.

The Dragons they said they would support Hewitt, a staunch supporter of the movement Black Lives Matter (black lives matter). “The Dragons continue to fully support Hewitt’s outstanding efforts as they seek to eradicate racial prejudice wherever it exists,” the club said in a statement. “This is a constant battle for Ashton and all of Wales recognizes how difficult the last few months have been for him,” he added.