Guridi: four years of struggle

Guridi (Azpeitia, 1995) is one of the few realists who has a good memory of Mendizorrotza. Where the Real saw their first attempt at promotion cruelly frustrated, the youth squad played his first game in the first team, a baptism that marks four years today. That one, by the hand of Eusebius, It was his particular Izada, the beginning of his party, like the one on 20-E in Azpeitia.

Since then, Guridi, now without a trace of the hair he wore, he has played 22 games for Real, with one assist. After that start of the party, came the painful hangover from a very serious injury to her right knee that kept her for eight months K.O. and brought him associated ailments.

In this Royal he has his role, now as a relay from Silva or Merino, and he is negotiating a renewal of his contract, which expires in 2022. There has been a hiatus, but he will sign.