Guillem Vives: ‘From minute 1 we have to teach Khimki that we have a goal’

The base of Valencia Basket Guillem Vives pointed out that in the meeting that his team will play this Friday in the Euroleague on the field of Khimki they must “teach” that unlike what happens to the Russian team they do still fight “for a goal” and that “many things” are at stake.

“With that mentality we go,” he said at a press conference in which he downplayed the fact that the Russian team is bottom, among other things because of the improvement it has experienced recently.

“We know that we have to win all the games, we depend on us but in the Euroleague all the games are just as tough and we know that playing against the bottom doesn’t mean anything,” he said.

“I think they are now in another dynamic. Before, you did see games in which they let themselves go but now the dynamics have changed. They are on another level of play and we will also see if Alexey Shevd is available ”, he added.

The point guard stressed that the fact that the Khimki play “without pressure” will be “a factor to take into account” but insisted on the need for them to “lead the way.”

“We have a very important objective and it must be demonstrated,” he said. do you live that warned that “in the Euroleague there are no easy games” and that “without intensity and mentality” they will not succeed.

The Catalan has recently rejoined the team after several weeks away from it due to low back pain.

“I need time, I thought I had been standing for less time but I have taken time and it is difficult for me to enter, so I need this week to get sensations and help the team in whatever way,” he said.

The Catalan also analyzed the bad image they gave last Sunday on the track of the Acunsa GBC and said that it is necessary to do “self-criticism.”

“First, individually, which I have already done, and then as a group. They are not tactical things, they are mentality, intensity, respect and what double competition is. We have to learn from this ”, he concluded.