Guillamón: ‘We must learn from mistakes for the next campaign’

The defender of Valencia Hugo Guillamón assured that, beyond the tranquility of having finally saved the category, they must learn from their “mistakes so that next year will be a good year.”

“It has been a very difficult season for everyone. We have reached a situation of being suffering until the last matches, but after certifying salvation we have been much calmer. I am sure that it will help us to improve, “he said in statements provided by the club.

The center-back was happy to have at least been able to play the last match of the campaign at Mestalla with the public and recalled the importance it has for them.

I had the thorn of not having been able to enjoy the public in Mestalla. I was looking forward to it and the truth is that it was very beautiful. I hope that little by little life will normalize and we are very happy that little by little they can enter the stadium, “he said.

Guillamón wanted to transfer them to the fans a message “of union” because he admitted that they need that support.

Regarding his growth, he acknowledged that after debuting the previous season this was an “important” campaign for him.

“I wish the results had been better, but I’m sure I’ve learned a lot and next year will be better. When you debut you see everything very easy, but when you are in the group it is complicated week after week as well. I am very happy to have played my first year in First and I hope there are many more ”, he pointed out.

The defense of San Sebastián will now play the final phase of the European Under-21 with “The challenge” of revalidating the title.

“In March we had the group stage and we were able to get into the quarterfinals. We are going to Slovenia to fight for the title. The fewer vacations you have, the better. I really want to get together with my teammates and I think it is a very nice challenge for the team and for me. We are going to fight for it ”, he stressed.