Guido: ‘Going to Europe is up to us’

Rodriguez, one of the most prominent players in the Real
Betis In this season and fixed in Manuel Pellegrini’s line-ups, he has aroused the interest of several teams due to his emergence in Spanish LaLiga and, therefore, in European football, including London Arsenal, which closely follows his footsteps in the face of a near future, as MD reported days ago, although the Argentine “to this day” says he does not know much more than what was published. “I saw it because friends from Argentina asked me but I told them that I knew the same as them, I am the protagonist because I am in the news but today I do not know more or less than you who saw it,” said the international Argentine, in an interview with RTV Betis.

Guido is very happy in Seville and at the club, as he acknowledged: “I am very happy, I arrived and there were one or two months with a strange situation for everyone with the issue of confinement but the truth is that I am very happy in Seville, with the city, the climate, at the club … I’m very happy, “said the midfielder, one of the few indisputable players on the squad for the Chilean coach:” Manuel Pellegrini has a great experience. He is managing the group very well and the results are on the table to see what he is doing with the team. The experience he has, we talked in preseason about the idea he had for the midfielder and the center of the field. Little by little he has been grasping the idea he wanted for the team and, above all, for the midfielder ”, he indicated.

Ten finals to sneak into the greats

Betis is a firm contender to enter European competition, something that must endorse in the ten games remaining until the end of the year: “It is the goal of the team, the club and the fans. We raised it at the beginning of the preseason and the team is very well, we are fighting for European places. It is up to us in the ten remaining games to be able to meet the goal, “said Guido, who claims to see something different in the faces of the Betis when he walks through Seville these days:” You feel when we walk down the street, that they are excited and excited. I always say that I would have liked to live these games with a full court and the objective is that, to meet the objectives that we have set ourselves, “said the Argentine.