‘Guiding the youth’, the only future project of the historic striker Suárez

“Guiding the youth” is the only future project that the Uruguayan forward of the Atlético de Madrid, Luis Suarez, when they question him about what he will do when he leaves the discipline of the rojiblanco team, in which he has another season left.

This is clear from the two interviews published this Monday by the sports supplements of the Uruguayan newspapers The Country and The Observer, Ovation and Referee, respectively, with ‘El Pistolero’ as a result of the historic achievement of 500 goals scored in his career signed this Sunday in Spain.

“Both in National (the club he came from and of which he is a fan) as in any team, as long as I can feel useful and can serve young people, more than anything that they know how to give value to the things that a club can give or try to teach, to see that it is not easy to get to Primera or Europe or how difficult it is to stay. I hope to be able to transfer it in the future ”, he explains to Ovation.

Similar reflection makes in Referee, where he goes one step further and comments that he does not want to be a coach. However, he aims to “help young people to guide them so that they do not go through difficult things and make good decisions when choosing which path to take in the early years of their career”, alluding to the fact that he did not have “that possibility ”.

More elusive is when he is questioned about his immediate sporting future and thus, while responding to the supplement of The Observer that he feels “good to continue playing in the elite or in European football” and that everything will depend “on the feelings”, he comments that “it is difficult” the question of The country about returning to Uruguay and that his “near future” passes through “continue enjoying the Spanish League and Atlético ”.

In both interviews, Suárez brings out his character and his enthusiasm for continuing to do well in football at the highest level.

In Referee He says that he is always “the same on the court” without “changing anything”, because, he argues, “When you want to invent and change it is when things go worst for you.”

In Ovation, in addition to highlighting that “It would be a personal satisfaction” to win the League with Atleti, stresses that “never” will lose the desire to score goals. “It is what motivates, I live with that, I feel better emotionally,” he says.

In both talks, Suárez reviews his time at the National, Dutch people Groningen Y Ajax, the Liverpool English and the Barcelona Spanish before joining the team led by Argentine Diego Pablo Simeone, in addition to his time in the Uruguayan national team.

The goalscoring feat of Luis Suárez, signed against him Alaves, was the focus of the soccer weekend in Uruguay, since part of those 500 goals achieved in his career made them the Nacional de Montevideo and the Celeste. That is why the news spread like wildfire both in the press and on social networks.