Guedes: ‘I told my friends to shut up, they cheer me up and joke’

Valencia forward Gonçalo Guedes said that after scoring the goal that sealed his team’s comeback against Villarreal, he put a finger to his mouth to silence some of his friends who “cheer him on and joke” because he doesn’t score goals. to indicate that what is said outside of him, does not concern him much.

Asked in Movistar La Liga about whether he wants to be the player he was again, he assured that what he wants is to be a “better player” than he was then.

Regarding the clash, he affirmed that Valencia had a “great game” and that although the initial reaction after Villarreal’s goal was not good, it was the entire second half.

“The penalty came in our favor, the mood changed, there were ten minutes left and we knew we could achieve it,” said Guedes, who pointed out that the goal gives him “a lot of confidence” and that he must respect the coach’s decisions when he does not play at the start and Try to give the most when you go out. EFE