Guardiola responds to Cañizares about the WhatsApp group of ’92

Have your statements in favor of the independence of Catalonia cost Pep Guardiola friendships? Seems that if. The last of the controversies was uncovered in the documentary ‘Play it again, Pep’, broadcast on Twelfth Night on Movistar.

Specifically, Guardiola responded to the statements that Alfonso and Cañizares They have made reference to him in recent years for his Catalan speech, as opposed to having defended the shirt of the Spanish team in the 1992 Olympics. In fact, they have a WhatsApp group in which Pep is not. “We are all but one: Guardiola. Probably because he is the most famous guy right now and I understand that he is not for bullshit, ”Cañizares said in a talk with Misterchip.

Well, in the documentary, Guardiola He did not want to hide and said again that “I love Catalonia, my country, but I have an immense affection for Spain and an incredible memory of those years.” Right after, he launched the pullita: “Although the great Alfonso and Cañizares, colleagues from that time, are now very critical because I played with the national team. I had a great time and tried to do my best”. The thing was not there, Guardiola settled the issue by assuring that “in Barcelona 92 ​​we formed an incredible group that I know meets on WhatsApp, but since I have never had …Cañizares, I’m sorry, but you haven’t invited me, it’s not that I don’t want to be there, I’ve found out now”.