Guardiola opposed the Superliga

England has not digested the break that some rich people want with the Super League. Thousands of anonymous responses go against the idea of ​​a closed format. The first Minister, Boris johnson, has shown its rejection. At the end of January this year Guardiola He also opposed: “We cannot lose the meaning of the local leagues but rather strengthen them, make them stronger. Improve the Premier, the Championship, the League One … ”, reflected Santpedor’s coach.

A categorical reaction, without hesitation: “We have to go for quality and not quantity. And instead of making a Super League, make a Super Premier League. But you can’t kill the lower divisions. ” Argument that now contrasts with the City’s adhesion to this new competition: “The pandemic has revealed that a strategic vision and a commercial approach are necessary to increase the value and aid for the benefit of the football pyramid as a whole”, reads the joint statement of all clubs.