Guardiola: ‘I’m optimistic about PSG’

It has been a lifetime for City to savor a moment like tomorrow, at the gates of a Champions League final: “I don’t know if this is the most important game in our history. It is a privilege to live it, ”he says. Guardiola. In any case, the Catalan argues that his team is not going to fail because he looks more experienced: “I am optimistic about PSG,” he dropped, despite knowing that the team Pochettino It is not going to wrinkle and it is going to fight until the end.

Nobody expects a bad rival: “PSG has the ability to create from nothing and win you. And he has a smart coach. But since I don’t know what he’s going to do, I focused the speech on what we have to do. Playing to win this game without thinking much further, “he explained. Pep. Only Eric Garcia he falls out of the call and misses the crash due to a flu that did not allow him to travel this past weekend to London to face Crystal Palace.

More than one person can be overcome by euphoria. The 1-2 of the first leg conditions, but Guardiola warns: “The second game of the semifinals is usually even more complicated,” stressed the coach of a City who wanted to take pressure off his players. He does not want them to do anything different from what they usually do in the Premier: “In England we also have complicated games like tomorrow’s. It is the moment that the footballers take a step forward ”, he pointed out.

About the chaos they generate Neymar Y Mbappe, little can be done. Pure talent, as he said a week ago, is hard to neutralize. The Frenchman did not play on Saturday due to some discomfort, but Guardiola He did not hesitate in his answer: “He is going to play. And I get happy”. He added in his press conference that he does not know if the experience is of any use at this point, and that City will know how to endure in the worst moments because the reward is enormous: being a finalist in the Champions League.