Guardiola: ‘I’m not worried that the referee is Mateu Lahoz’

With less than a week to go until the Champions League final, there is nothing to interfere with City and Chelsea. There is only one game left, the most important that can be played. In Porto, Mateu Lahoz will referee, criticized by Guardiola on some occasion after a tie against Liverpool in 2019: “I have not spoken with him since then. I’m not worried about him being the referee on Saturday. I can’t care less. I have a lot of confidence in my team ”, he assured.

The Catalan faces his third Champions League final as a coach: “I am lucky. I would not have imagined living all that I have lived these thirteen years. What more can I ask for? ”He wondered. Wednesday and Thursday will be the most important days of the week to prepare for a clash that is probably the most important of the career of any of the protagonists who will be in Portugal: “I have an idea, but I have not yet defined the eleven holder ”, added Pep.

Guardiola does not seem concerned that Chelsea have won the last two times they have faced City: “I congratulate you, as I did at the time, but it is a new game. It will not be easy. It is a rival that causes problems for all teams. Because of their scheme, because of the way they get together, because of how they run into space… ”, the coach of a City much more used to nights like Saturday than not his own footballers.

Tuchel also accumulates experience. Last year he was also a finalist in the Champions League, and the one from Santpedor has known him for years: “We met once to eat, along with other people. It was an interesting talk. We talk about football, his ideas, mine, players. We have a good relationship, but we both want to win, “said Guardiola at a press conference in which it began to be noted that the most precious cup in Europe is being played on Saturday.