Guardiola, happy with the attitude of City

If you look at the final score, the tie may have seemed simple: “It can give that feeling because we control everything from the beginning. The team’s commitment has been immense, ”Guardiola said yesterday after the victory in Budapest. Seven consecutive commitments in the Champions League without conceding goals show the good work of everyone, but especially Rúben Dias and Stones: “They have taken a step forward, without a doubt,” Santpedor’s underlined.

The City has a debt in Europe for many years: “Now the best rivals in Europe are beginning to appear. I just hope to maintain the level, compete and play well, “he said. Pep’s unwavering idea that to win, you first have to do a lot of things well. Despite recent eliminations in the Champions League, the City manager says the team has never lost heart. Now you have another chance to claim yourself internationally.