Guardiola approaches Ferguson

Guardiola, with his victory in the League Cup against the Tottenham
Hotspur, reaches 30 titles and is close to the 48 trophies he achieved in his career Alex

The Spanish coach, since he began his career in the FC
Barcelona Thirteen years ago it has raised a multitude of national and international trophies.

Guardiola has won eight leagues (3 with FC Barcelona, ​​3 with Bayern Munich and two with City), two Champions
League, with the FC
Barcelona, Four
League, with the City, five cups (2 with FC Barcelona, ​​two with Bayern Munich and 1 with City, three Super Cups (3 with FC Barcelona and 2 with City), three Super Cups
Europe (2 FC Barcelona and 1 Bayern Munich) and three World
Clubs (2 FC Barcelona and 1 Bayern).

Two trophies to fight for

In total, 30 twisted ones that leave you still far from Ferguson, but with which you could look more closely at the end of the season. And it is that after winning his fourth League Cup against him Tottenham
Hotspur, to Guardiola He still has two trophies left to fight for this season.

His ninth league is very close

One of them is almost conquered, since in the Premier
League has an 11-point advantage over Manchester
City. It will be their ninth league. The other is the most difficult of all and his pending subject since he arrived in England, the Champions
League. The ‘sky Blues’ will play this week the first leg of the semifinals, the first since they landed Guardiola, against him Paris