Grumpy Cat, the richest and most famous cat on the Internet, dies

It’s one of the most famous memes, a grumpy-faced cat that has circulated all over the internet and sadly has passed away this Tuesday as their owners have communicated in the social networks.

The cat, with 7 years old, has died according to the statement by a urinary infection that has become complicated: “Despite the care of the best professionals, Grumpy had complications from a recent urinary tract infection which unfortunately was too much hard to get over”Explained Tabatha Bundesen its owner.

The cat became famous in 2012 from a YouTube video that was quite a phenomenon, with more than 15 million visitas and generating millions of dollars during the time it was in fashion.

From there the cat has rubbed shoulders with the most select of Hollywood where artists like Jennifer Lopez They have been photographed with it, in addition to all the memes it has generated. In total it is calculated that in these 5 years has been able to generate $ 100 million, some 90 million euros.

The networks have mourned the death of the animal and they have written messages of love and support for the family.

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