Great concern for the health status of José Ortega Cano

Concern about the health status of Jose Ortega Cano. The ex-bullfighter and ex-husband of Rocío Jurado, who overcame Covid-19 a couple of months ago along with his current wife, also attacked by the same disease, now worries those close to him about his delicate state of health.

According to the magazine ‘Semana’, the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on Ortega Cano and his current state of health is “worrying.” This publication assures that sources close to the right-hander have affirmed that Ortega Ca
do not He has suffered “severe pain for several weeks and since he suffered” the coronavirus disease.

In particular, he suffers from severe stomach pains. “I don’t have much courage, I hardly go out at all, just to go to the doctors and I have severe stomach pains,” he confesses to the publication.

“I’m worried, they have to do an endoscopy and give me the results, so let’s hope everything goes well,” he details. “I’ve been very annoyed for a few weeks,” he concludes.

The magazine points out that despite the fact that he has always boasted of great strength and of facing problems head on, now it is surprising to see the right-hander down and in his lowest hours. So much so that his closest environment is quite concerned because for some time he has been dragging health problems that have worsened in recent weeks. Even more so after having faced the coronavirus.

The 67-year-old right-hander is expected to overcome this health slump.