Great Britain GP | Alonso, tremendous ‘zasca’ to F1 after his spectacular exit

Ferdinand Alonso starred in a huge show at the start of the qualifying race to the sprint of the 2021 F1 British GP this Saturday, beating one rival after another with lines on the outside and inside and braking much later and more forceful than their rivals. Thus, he managed to go from eleventh place from which he started, to fifth position in only 5 curves, until he was ahead of the two Mclaren. However, having come out with the soft tires on the attack, and being in front of cars with much better rhythm than his Alpine, he could do nothing to defend himself against the orange cars, but he could do nothing to prevent Vettel will spend suffering until the end. Thus, he managed to maximize his position thanks to his hands and will start in seventh position with the goal of points.

After the sprint race this Saturday, Fernando was smiling and happy for such an exhibition, but he took advantage of the moment to launch another ‘dart’ at F1. The Asturian ended up angry in the last round of Austria to see that there were several rivals who skipped the first corner on the outside without loosening and gained position. He complained then and the FIA ​​said that the Spaniard was not right. and on this occasion, he did not miss the opportunity to respond to the ‘DAZN’ microphones, ensuring that if Norris did not brake late, he planned to skip the curve and do it on the outside without loosening.

“With Norris I had the intention of going out on the outside, really, because like everyone goes out in the first round, well I say, ‘I’m going to get to Copse and if he continues inside I’m going to go out on the top, outside track, and thus I advance off the track, which is what they have done to me so far. But it was not necessary because it lifted. But hey, I wasn’t going to get up “, assured the Oviedo in a clear message to F1.


“(Laughs) Yes, it was a very aggressive start, from 11th to 5th. And then, well, we were a little out of position in fifth place. We were too slow. It was necessary to let the Mclarens go a bit and then focus more on Sebastian (Vettel). And well, we would come out sixth tomorrow. On a normal weekend we would go out on the 11th. So it was good. ”


“They have been braking quite early in many races. In Baku I remember overtaking Carlos and Gasly on the inside, and at both in Austria, I also remember passing several cars on the inside. So I don’t know, we are more confident in the first corner than some of our rivals. We usually take advantage of it. And then, in the first three or four corners there was a lot of action too, we recovered positions, and then we were a little out of where we had to be and we suffered a bit ”.


“Also the red (soft) tires at the end had more degradation and we had to endure. But hey, tomorrow we will recover some position in this Q4 that I tell you, because it is like one more Q from yesterday (qualifying) and I am happy with that ”.


“I had a good time on the first lap but then I was pretty regular (laughs). For you it was a sprint race and for me it was a marathon. But hey, well ”.


“We normally have little energy. On these long circuits we suffer a lot. When we have a car a tad faster behind us on the straights we cannot stop and sooner or later we will fall. And sometimes it’s almost more effective to let them pass early than to defend too much because then you get into a loop of ending the drums too soon. ”