Granada continues to daydream for Europe

He fought it, it cost him, but he succeeded: the Pomegranate is already in the last qualifying round to access the group stage of the Europa League. Those of Diego Martínez suffered to finish defeating a defender Locomotivi
Tbilisi that he sold his skin very expensive despite being with a minus during the last half hour. Machís, with a superb shot, and Molina in the discount, were the authors of the goals.

Day for history in Granada

The appointment was historic in Pomegranate. The Los Cármenes stadium, with 90 years of football in its stands, was hosting a European match for the first time and, for a moment, knew how to remove the spotlight from the Alhambra: gleaming grass and the aroma of an important competition. He missed, yes, the fans, who could not round off the European premiere of theirs in their fiefdom.

The game started a bit rough as times. The exemplary defensive order of the Georgian ensemble did not Pomegranate enter the opposite area. An auction of Luis Milla at 30 minutes it was the most dangerous thing to put in the mouth.

The Andalusian team did not suffer but the truth is that they did not succeed in hurting their rival. He just flanked his area without specifying too much. He LocomotiviMeanwhile, he covered his deficiencies in attack by becoming strong behind and seemed to live well with the 0-0 until the break.

It was just before intermission that the Pomegranate He stepped on the accelerator in search of the first, but the young goalkeeper, a promise of national football, Mamardasvhili, dismantled any reddish attempt. Vallejo, Machís and Soldado gave a good account of it.

Machís dynamited the game with a great goal

But the passage through changing rooms did not stop the Pomegranate, Rather the complete opposite. The Andalusian team returned with several more marches than their rival and this was evidenced Darwin
Machís with a real goal, the kind that are remembered over the years. And it is that the Venezuelan invented a hit from the vertex of the area in the 48 ‘and put it where the goalkeepers have nightmares. The ball flew disciplined to the square and Pomegranate Entirely jumped from the couch to celebrate.

The goal, however, did not change the customs of one or the other. The locals continued with their deluge of occasions on the rival goal and the Locomotivi with his umbrella increasingly diminished. Especially when he recorded a loss, that of Gabadze, for a double yellow that left his team with one less in the absence of half an hour.

Absolute dominance but without tranquility until the end

That red one gave complete command of the party to Pomegranate who did not reject it and decided to increase the income to breathe better. Only the wood prevented it. Specifically to Luis Milla who took advantage of a rebound to connect a volley that crashed violently into the post thus avoiding another flag goal for the video library.

And it is that while the scoreboard did not give him the income he deserved, the Pomegranate he couldn’t be relaxed. The shadow of the tie continued to lurk, even more in the heads of the locals than in that of Locomotivi, which did not leave the game before thanks to its goalkeeper, determined to stay alive based on great saves.

He could not already in the discount with one who knows a lot about goals, Jorge Molina. The veteran forward caught a rejection of the goalkeeper and sentenced the game in discount to, finally, give the coup de grace to the Locomotivi and grant the Pomegranate his grand prize and for which an entire city continues to dream that way: the ticket for the last tie before entering Europe.

1- GRANADA: Rui Silva; Víctor Díaz, Germán, Vallejo, Carlos Neva, Milla, Gonalons, Machís, Kenedy (Soro, 62 ’), Montoro and Soldado (Jorge Molina, 67’)

0- LOCOMOTIVI TBILISI: Mamardashvili; Ubilava, Guresidze, Sandokhadze, Dartsmelia, Shonia, Samurkasovi (Rati, 60 ‘), Oulad, Sikharulidze, Kirkitadze

Goals: (1-0), Darwin Machís, min. 48; (2-0), Jorge Molina, min. 90 + 1

Cards: YELLOW: Dartsmelia (9 ’), Oulad (22’), Gabadze (54 ’), Soldier (56’) RED: Gabadaze (59 ’)