Gran Barça in the Tort League

He Barca played a great game at the La Cerámica stadium. It was far superior to a Villarreal that until that moment had surely been the best team after the pandemic. The blaugrana posed a very serious game in pressure, position and possession, the three basic ‘p’ of the blaugrana model.
gave way to
ahead and with the French starter FC Barcelona has won every game since the return. He has only yielded points with
on the bench in the starting team. The technician placed
more focused, playing the trident closer together, practically with two center forwards and entered the midfield to
Sergi Robertor
who played a splendid game. Barça had 11 scoring chances for two from Villarreal.

very soon and there was no lack of controversy with Villarreal’s goal, an offside in which the VAR placed the lines in a confused perspective. Then he would cancel a goal Messi for offside of Arturo vidal, who came from that position but another play could be played. It was not so. This League, since the return, has been characterized by grievance. There are many damaged teams in the games played against Real Madrid. From Eibar, passing through Valencia, Real Sociedad, Mallorca, Getafe or the Athletic.


In La Catedral two different decisions could be seen on the same move: a stomp. One, a penalty in favor of ReaHe and the other, nothing. An assault by Ramos to
Dani Garcia
neither was it signaled or warned by the VAR. The problem is not play by play if it is correct or not, it is the grievance, of reviewing one and, instead, others not. The eyes must always be for everyone and in this League it is not happening. Madrid has been favored after the pandemic and the Barça, injured in the League of two of the greats. President
He commented yesterday, reflecting the thinking of the majority of the Blaugrana fans