Graham Stoker announces his candidacy to chair the FIA

British lawyer Graham Stoker announced on Tuesday his candidacy to succeed Jean Todt at the helm of Formula 1’s governing body, the FIA, with the Danish Tom Kristensen, winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours record, among the members of his team.

The president of the International Automobile Federation, Todt, in office since 2009, leaves his post and his replacement will be elected in December.

Stoker is Todt’s current sporting vice president, a role that retired sports car driver Kristensen would fill if the Briton wins.

Belgian Thierry Willemarck, current Vice President for Mobility, and New Zealander Brian Gibbons, President of the FIA ​​Senate, are running as candidates to continue in their duties.

Kristensen retired from racing in 2014 and has served as a steward in Formula 1 racing and as a member of the World Motor Council.

“We will build on the extraordinary work of President Jean Todt over the past 12 years,” Stoker said in a statement.

Dubaiti Mohammed ben Sulayem, a former rally driver, has already announced that he will run for the top job. Todt, 75, was reelected unopposed in 2017.

The Paris-based FIA has 246 member organizations in 145 countries. In addition to sanctioning a number of world championships, including rallies and endurance races, he also represents mobility organizations and runs active campaigns to improve road safety.