Grace: ‘I have another year on my contract and I have to fulfill it’

If someone in the Valencia I thought that Javi grace he was going to ‘facilitate’ the club’s replacement on the bench this summer, he may change his mind. The Navarrese coach recalled that like any worker with a contract he must continue in his position and pointed out that for his part he is delighted to be able to do so.

“I have another year and I must fulfill it, there is no more news than that. I do not enter into more evaluations, I respect your intentions, opinions and tastes. I have a contract and I have to fulfill it, “said the coach, oblivious to the news that assures that the club has started looking for a coach.

Funny he sidestepped the question of whether he thinks he is the best possible coach for the team next season.

“That question is for those who are responsible for choosing to answer. I try to be the best professional possible and with my work I will try to help the team to be as good as possible ”, he stressed.

The coach said that he believes that the turbulence experienced this season should not be an insurmountable obstacle, although he also acknowledged that he does not know what a second summer would be like after everything that happened.

“I don’t know what the future will hold, nor the attitudes. I know my intentions which are to try to finish the season well and I have always liked to respect my contracts, I have a signed contract and I understand that I am going to fulfill it ”, I point out.

“I do not regret anything I have done or said. Each one has been very justified, “he added.

Funny He declined to reveal whether there is an option for either party to break the contract this summer. “I’m not going to talk about my contract, I’ve never done it and I’m not going to do it,” he explained.

The coach knows that a good end to the season would strengthen his options and that that happens by winning this Sunday in the field of Cádiz. “We have been able to savor the last victory, it is time to improve, get a good result away and chain two games,” he said.

“We have had time, not with the whole group but even these absences, except for Jasper (Cillessen) who came injured, they have been super positive experiences. I think we are ready to play a good game and get a win, “he said.

“Jasper’s injury is not so bad that we think we are going to lose him all season. His absence does not cause me extreme concern because I have always trusted all goalkeepers. Just as calm I am of having to have either of the two goalkeepers that we have. We have the position well covered, “he said in reference to Jaume and Cristian Rivero.

Gracia said that although the club receives the “motivation” to try to finish as high as possible, in part because of the economic impact it would have, they do not need “no one to remind us.”

“Trying to improve stems from the professionalism of each one, the players, the coaching staff and all the workers. The rest will be a consequence. Everything economic is important but it will be a consequence of having wanted to win these three games, it is not the economic engine that drives us but sports ”, he concluded.