Grace, about the market: ‘I don’t know’

After conveying some optimism about the possibility of the squad strengthening in the winter market at the beginning of weeks, Javi grace He was very sparing again this Saturday.

“I do not know,” he replied when asked if he had information on any operation that was on track.

“I answer and I am as sincere as I can be. I really don’t know at what point the possible transfer negotiations are, it’s not that I don’t want to say, it’s not that it’s something positive or negative, it is what it is, ”he replied when cross-examined.

He was also asked if he maintains an open communication channel with the technical secretariat and he said yes but he slipped something else. “I speak every day with the sports director and I convey to him the needs that exist but no player has arrived,” he said.

In addition, he said that his list of priorities has not changed with the good performance in the clash against him. Yeclano delcentral del Mestalla Kevin Sibille.

“What I already said in his time is what I stand for, the priorities have not changed at all,” he explained.

“What I do is work with the players we have and Kevin was a position in which a player was needed and he had been working for days and I think he was the best option. I don’t know if in a month he will have the same opportunities, it will depend on the configuration of the squad ”.

Regarding the clash this Sunday in the Valladolid field, he said that they give it “a lot of importance, because it is the next one and because we need those points and the situation in the table can compromise much more”.

In addition, he assured that they have “the feeling of playing finals every day” due to the new format of the Copa del Rey and because of the needs they have in the League in which, being on the verge of relegation, “the games are more and more important”.

The coach praised the trajectory of Valladolid. “In recent years he has done things very well with the same coach, he is a very constant, solid team, very well worked,” he said.

Of course, he disagreed with his coach Sergio González, who said that his team is asleep and will soon wake up. “More than asleep I would say that we are wounded. We are suffering, we are struggling in the face of adversity. I would not say that we are asleep. There is a great attitude, a great will and a lot of effort ”, he explained.

Gracia reiterated that he is satisfied with the team’s performance in the cup match against Yeclano. “Hopefully it will help us in the League to achieve better results,” said the coach, who did not want to distinguish between starters and substitutes.

“There is no unit a, b, or c. The team plays with what is believed to be ideal and those who acted started very well, got the game on track and knew how to handle it ”, he summarized.

“After a victory, the feeling is of joy to win and continue competing in the Cup. They are logical post-game feelings and then the day-to-day and preparation for the next game go and there has always been a very high spirit and desire to work. . I hope that this will help us achieve better results ”, he added.