GP Portugal | Sainz: ‘I played it and it was too early’

“It has not been a good day”. This is how it was shown Carlos Sainz, who hid his disappointed face with his mask. On Saturday, the Spaniard had taken a step forward in his apprenticeship with Ferrari, beating his teammate Leclerc in qualifying to one lap to start fifth. He knew that in the race he would have to suffer when he came out with the soft rubber, but not only was his prediction fulfilled, but he suffered much more than expected.

The Spaniard’s career seemed to start in the best of ways, as he overtook Pérez at the start to take fourth. But a ‘Safety Car’ in the second round and a subsequent bad highlight, they lowered him from fourth to sixth place with a stroke of the pen. There he began his management of soft rubber, and in search of surpassing Norris in the fight for fifth position, the wall did not calculate its maneuver well.

Ferrari made Carlos’s parry too early to attack the position of Landau looking for an ‘undercut’. The fact of having to pull hard in the first half-rubber laps, with a long race still ahead, led him to run out of tires at the end and lose all his options, not only to achieve a good result, but also to score points, finishing 11th. For this reason, Carlos, a decisive driver who always tries to find solutions to problems, saw what happened this Sunday as one more lesson in his adaptation period to Ferrari: “You have to learn from it. It is part of the learning curve ”.


“We knew that the possibility of ‘graining’ was high and the truth is that when I put the medium tire I saw that it was not going to last long and that we were going to go backwards. It was putting on the medium tire to try to undercut Lando Norris, which for me was very early because there was still a lot of race ahead. I have tried to do that ‘undercut’, I have thrown a lot in those first laps and from there we have opened the ‘graining’ and we have gone backwards. The truth is that it has not been a good day. Everything has gone quite wrong, so you have to learn from it. It is part of the learning curve ”.


“If the‘ undercut ’had come out, we would not be here now. But it is true that there was a lot of race ahead and that I had to push a lot to try to do that ‘undercut’ to Lando, we almost succeeded. But those laps at the beginning of the stint pushing hard are what have opened the ‘graining’, so let’s learn from it and see what we can do so that it doesn’t happen again ”.