GP Portugal F1: Sainz and Alonso, golden occasion in Portimao

Until the qualifying session this Saturday (16.00 / DAZN F1) the bells cannot be thrown on the fly. But for now, in the third training session of the Formula 1 Portuguese GP, just before the ‘qualy’ of Portimao, the good vibes were repeated in Ferrari Y Alpine. In the lead, it was confirmed that the fight between Hamilton and Verstappen for pole will be tremendous, with the permission of Bottas Y Perez, who have not said their last word. And after the two favorite teams, there they could be Ferrari Y Alpine with more weapons than their rivals in the middle zone. The French team wanted to make it clear again that Friday was not a flower of a day, with a Esteban Ocon who achieved the fifth best time at 0 ”371. And Ferrari, on a track where the red car adapts wonderfully, managing to warm up the tires better than many of its opponents, Charles Leclerc he conquered the sixth place at 0 ”512 of the best time, with Carlos Sainz glued to him at only 49 thousandths. Alpine Y Ferrari They seemed to confirm so they have a car to beat the McLaren and AlphaTauri and get a good starting place. Now, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz they will have to do the rest in a tremendously tight qualy.

Precisely, in the third race of the season, in the middle of the adaptation period of Alonso and Sainz to their respective cars, the most complicated thing at this moment is to get that last tenth of their cars and squeeze them to the fullest at a turn. They will try again this Saturday in a tremendously tight ‘qualy’ in terms of time (13 pilots in just over a second in FP3). Thus, any mistake can make you lose a lot of positions. But above all, it seems electrifying because of the tremendous mess that looms in the delicate moments of the ‘qualy’, with a lot of traffic on the track and all the drivers fighting for the best spot.

For now, in the third free practice session, Alonso was unable to make a clean lap and saw a lap canceled for overcoming the limits of the track at turn 14. Thus, the Spaniard finished in 14th position. But unlike Imola, this seems to be her real position. Aspire to much more. He will go for it.

It also seemed clear that Mclaren will not exhibit the huge step in front of Imola, where he went from being knocked out on Friday, to qualifying for the top positions of the grid with a Norris unleashed in qualifying. Mercedes It will give you more power in qualifying and it will be necessary to see if the orange cars can be in that fight in which for now, Alpine Y Ferrari seem to be ahead.


Final classification of the FP3 of the F1 Portuguese GP 2021