Good work by the fourth referee and the VAR at Madrid-Alavés

The match started with a clear penalty by X.Navarro who Gil Manzano sanctioned well placed. Alberola Rojas at Var confirmed that the action occurred on the line.

In the 40th minute Rodrygo ran into two defenders in his wall attempt, insufficient for the maximum penalty. In minute 48 there was a hand as clear as fortuitous from Alavés in his area, not punishable.

Gil Manzano He sprained himself in the 25th minute so he gave his place to the 4th referee at the break. Rodríguez Carpallo He started the second half canceling a goal to Asensio that the VAR validated as there was no offside.

In the min.79 Rodríguez stepped on the Achilles heel to Casemiro, the VAR was right not to intervene. In the min.85 Militao fell after a grab by Laguardia in the area, it seems slight.

1st Part. GIL MANZANO 4/5