Good omens about the referee who will whistle the ‘final’ in London

The Italian Daniele orsato, who directed the last final Bayern Munich-PSG, will direct this Wednesday the meeting between the Chelsea and the Atlético de Madrid, corresponding to the round of the last 16 of the Champions League.

Born on November 24, 1975 and international since 2010, he will be assisted in the bands by Alessandro Giallatini and Fabiano Preti; the fourth official will be Daniele
Doveri; and those in charge of VAR Massimiliano Irrati Y Paolo

He is a referee with good memories for both him
Atlético de Madrid
as for him Chelsea. The rojiblanco team won in the fields of Austria, Vienna (0-3, season 2013/14) and Rostov (0-1, 2016/17 campaign) and at Borussia
Dortmund in Madrid (2-0, 2018/19) in the group stage, and in Eindhoven before him PSV, in the eighth of the 2015/16 edition, it equaled zero.

To the Chelsea umpired him in the tie in Maribor in the group stage of the Champions 2014/15 (1-1), the triumph in Prague before him Sparta on the Europa League (0-1) and was the fourth referee of Gianluca Rocchi in the 2018/19 Europa League final in which they beat Arsenal 4-1 in the Baku Olympic.

The meeting Bayern Munich-Lazio It will be arbitrated by the Romanian Istvan Kovacs. Vasile Florin Marinescu and Ovidiu Artene they will be the line judges, Ovidiu
Hategan the fourth collegiate and those in charge of the VAR will be the poles Pawel
Gil Y Tomasz