Good Morning Soccer podcast | ‘Nagelsmann, Ibai with Ramos and the PSG dilemma’

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In today’s episode we tell you the results of Granada and Villareal in the Europa League. We also comment on the idea that Loporta would have for the Barça bench for next season, which is none other than Nagelsman. We tell you the dilemma they would have from Paris if Mbappé left this summer and it would be none other than to take over the services of Cristiano or Messi. We also solve the doubt that someone is raising about the leadership of Atléti in the League and if it will not be because of the low level of Barça and Madrid, we will tell you in numbers. Finally and unfortunately we tell you the current situation of soccer in Brazil that is about to collapse due to the situation of the pandemic in Brazil. We listen to each other !! Good weekend.